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Production & Maintenance Services

Short Production Runs

Bendco Machine & Tool provides assistance for short production runs. Production runs include but is not limited to tube bending, notching, end forming, trimming and packaging of parts. Bendco welcomes the opportunity to discuss your production needs.

Small JIT Programs

We offer short term warehousing options for your parts to accommodate your warehousing and production schedules.

Repair & Maintenance for Machine & Machine Parts

Bendco can provide maintenance service for your machines.  Whether you need routine service to keep your machines in top shape, replacement parts, or repair of broken parts, we can give you a hand.  Our CMM inspection service can ensure that we make the parts you’re looking for – even the ones that are hard to find.  This service will also give you a part print to keep for your record. 


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Tubing Bender Machines

Custom Machines

Automation Machines

Design Services

  • New Machine Concepts or Updates
  • Retooling of Current Machining
  • Guarding & Machine Safety
  • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
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Custom Machining Services

  • CNC
  • CMM Certification
  • Tubing Bender
  • End Forming
  • Notching
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Welding
  • Sawing, Boring & Milling
  • Painting

Custom Control Panels

  • Electrical Panel Design
  • Custom HMI Application Development
  • PLC Programming
  • Servo Motor Application
  • Robotic Material Handling

Production & Maintenance Services

  • Short Production Runs
  • Small JIT Program
  • Repair & Maintenance for Machines & Machine Parts