Performance Paint supplies high performance Axalta industrial coatings.

Performance Paint supplies a  high performance, ultra durable, ultimate appearance line of Axalta industrial coatings.   These products are designed to protect the most valuable assets from tough corrosive environments.    Whatever your challenge, let us recommend products from epoxies, alkyds, polyurethanes, and acrylic coatings.


Performance Paint

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Performance Paint carries Axalta Industrial Coatings for superior value and proven results. We offer a wide range of polyurethanes, epoxies, alkyds, and waterborne coatings designed for tough environments and difficult surface conditions.


Axalta Industrial Coatings products can be applied by brush, roller and a variety of spray application methods. They‘re available in factory-packaged colors and can be mixed to match an extremely wide variety of custom colors.


Axalta Industrial Coatings has been recognized as a leader in long-term coating effectiveness and life cycle cost in industries such as:

  • Construction Equipment
  • Ready Mix Concrete Plants and Equipment
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Fabricators and Manufacturers
  • Rail-Locomotive, Transit Car and covered Hopper Cars
  • Amusement Park Rides and Equipment
  • Portable and Modular Buildings


Stocking Products at Performance Paint:

  • Corlar Epoxies
  • Corlar 2.1PR   (PHigh Solids Productive Epoxy Primer)
  • Corlar 2.1ST   (High Solids Epoxy Mastic Primer)
  • Corlar 2.1HTA   (High Temperature Aluminum Epoxy Mastic)
  • Corlar 2.8PR   (High solids epoxy primer)

Tufcote Alkyds/Acrylics

  • Tufcote 3.5HG-D   (High Gloss DTM alkyd)


Imron Polyurethanes

  • Imron 2.1PR   (Polyurethane Primer)
  • Imron 3.5HG   (High Gloss Polyurethane Topcoat(also available in 3 other gloss levels)
  • Imron 3.5HG-d   (Direct to metal Polyurethane topcoat)


Imron Waterborne

  • Imron  1.2HG   (High gloss waterborne polyurethane copolymer technology)
  • Imron 1.5PR   (Waterborne polyurethane copolymer primer)
  • Imron 1.2ST-D   (Satin waterborne copolymer direct-to-metal)